Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tanning course and spring on the way

I am exhausted. It was day two of my three day tanning course and everything is right on schedule. I am really pleased with how it is going and my participants are really seeming to enjoy themselves, but I am pretty tired now.

There are 6 participants in the course. I was expecting 9 but three that were coming together couldn't make it, but it turns out that 6 is an ideal number for the size of my tanning shed.

Here are two ladies fleshing sheep skins. Everyone did a really good job on their skins and they should be proud of what they take home. They each have a fox, sheep and rabbit skin to do.

I did have a few moments to go around the veggies and everything is making ready for spring. I know that the plants don't really decide but it is obvious that we have had enough cold hours and dark hours to prompt them all to start their spring growth.

I am picking off rhubarb flowers most days to keep them producing, and the buds on the gooseberries and redcurrents are almost popping.
I went to pick the neighbour some parsley and it is also sending up flower stalks.

We have the coldest and wettest weather of the year yet to come over the next 6 weeks but the plants will have to put up with it.

Spring is my worst month for vegetables as everything starts bolting and I don't have much to offer. I hope I am a little more prepared than last year. At least I had more stuff over winter but I still have the spring problem which doesn't have any easy answers :(

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