Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sun, warmth and colour

Before I get onto what's happening in the market garden I just have to share a picture of what I bought yesterday. Out here in the country people tend to be very conservative so all the houses are white or off-white inside and out, clothing is boring and plain and everything is without vibrancy, so I was really happy to come across my new favourite piece of clothing:

 I was with my sister doing some shopping yesterday and we popped into an op shop to have a look. This wonderfully colourful, pure wool, new jumper just begged to be taken home with me :)

To show you what I mean about lack of colour and imagination, this jumper was placed in the dress-up/ costume rack.

I LOVE colour

We had a wonderfully warm and sunny day today, unusually warm for this time of year at 20C (it is even predicted to go up to 25C in a few days) so I had to get out and do some work. It has only taken today and yesterday which was also sunny to start drying up the bog that is my Back Block so I can walk around it without sinking.

Look how sunny it was, I even caste a good shadow. I don't care that it will cause everything to bold, I am just enjoying the sun.The potatoes are already springing away but I know we are in for a few heavy frost yet that will cut them back.

I just hope this isn't a sign for an early and terribly hot and dry summer like last year. At least I will be ready for it with my new shade row covers.

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  1. Love the jumper. Love color. Love knitting. Love wool.