Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spring time not too far away

I keep looking at the weather forecast thinking that they are playing a cruel joke on me (how narcissistic is that?) with their predictions of up to 21 degrees in a few days. But they haven't changed it so maybe I should start to be a bit more hopeful perhaps. It is a bit early but after so many weeks hovering around 10 to 13 degrees and wading in mud it will be very welcome.
WOW, I just checked again as I am writing this and the predicted temp has gone up to 23 on Friday. It might be a blip and then back to 'normal temps' but then again it might just mean a very early spring. It will cause trouble if it is with plants shooting out early then getting hit with frosts. Oh well, you get that.

 I will have to dig up a couple of beds that I planted to cauliflower as I planted them too late and they are already bolting before making decent heads. It was a gamble that didn't pay off but it doesn't matter as the plants will go back into the soil to feed the next lot.

You have to take some chances as you never know what the weather will do and you do win sometimes.

Here is a picture of the top half of J Block. It is looking very green and healthy right now and a few veg have gone to flower as you can see. With a few days of warmer weather everything is going to bolt so I had better get up my insect mesh covers for the beds I want to collect seed off.

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