Saturday, August 31, 2013

Magnificent celtuce and fruit mould samples

I have given in, it is just too hard in this warm weather to not plant seeds so I went out and planted some carrot and silverbeet seeds. At least I can afford to lose these if they decide to bolt early. And we have at least another week of mid 20s days to go yet. Already things are drying up.

My celtuce is looking fantastic at the moment. I picked some for the last veggie boxes yesterday and I will have a heap to take to the Sandford market in a weeks time too. The picture below is of the plant as you pick it. Celtuce is a type of lettuce that is grown for the stem rather than the leaves.

Below is a picture of the stem after you pull off all the leaves and are just left with the stem. You peel it and chop it into pieces, then just eat it raw or you can add it to a stir-fry. I can't describe the taste as it is different than everything else but it is delicious.

Yesterday I received my box of fruit and vegetable mould samples in the post. There is a good variety but they need to be put together with little screws which I doubt many people would like to bother with. I won't be promoting them until I can find out if I can use a different method of attaching them

 I will try using bulldog clips to see if they will hold. It will be great if they work but I am a bit worried about the weight. Maybe quickly sewing them together might work. I will have to experiment.

A couple of the smaller ones like one of them below are held together with little caps on projections. I am worried about losing them but it is a lot simpler.


  1. I have been looking for vegetable molds like that, where did you order them from?

    1. Hi Jacki, just google 'cucumber molds and you will come up with some hits. I bought mine from three different sources to compare them. I suggest that you don't use as theirs are difficult to use. The ones I am using in this post are from there.