Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's here!!!

Yesterday my long awaited red fleshed apple tree (Huonville crab) arrived, I already had the hole dug so it went straight in. There is no picture as it is really just a stick right now and I am already being impatient to try the fruit but I know I will have to wait another year before it flowers. Although it is called a crab apple it is actually a cross between a crab and a normal apple so it is good eating and bigger than a crabapple.
I just have to put up the picture of it again

Now I just have to wait for the other apple I ordered to pollinate it Dr Hogg - a large eating and cooking apple, with differing reports on the taste. I really hope they flower at the same time or I will have to get another as well.I think they will by my research but I am not averse to buying another weird apple variety. Just have to deal with the coddling moths.

In other news, with us getting a few more warmer days interspersed with the cold ones I am expecting the silverbeet (Chard) to bolt to flower in a few weeks so I thought I will take a picture of my variety made from a few crossings of 'Rainbow'. You can't really tell from this pic but there is an amazing variety of pastel hues in my mix.

I particularly love the pale orange one in the middle, my single plant looks amazing among the others. The colours are all hit and miss because the pastels aremostly , I guess, dilute genes which don't come true by themselves. I am only guessing as my colour knowledge comes from horse colour genetics which could well be entirely different than chard colour genetics. It is fun to see what pops up every year though.

The picture doesn't do them justice, you have see them in person to appreciate the range of hues. I will be planting each colour seperately next year just to experiment with colours.

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