Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodbye CSA, hello markets

After a week of mulling it over I have decided to cease my CSA program and box deliveries and concentrate on markets instead. It has been difficult to get anyone to commit to paying for a seasons worth of produce in advance and because they don't have that commitment many of my customers feel that they can cancel and rearrange box deliveries as they like. This is a problem for me as I have to plan my growing in advance and I can't tell the plants to hold off for a couple of weeks or change their schedules, lol.

At least with the markets I will be able to charge a lot more for the produce so the extra costs are not a problem, and I love the customer service. I wish the box program had worked but at least it is not hard to adjust what I do. I told my customers my decision as I dropped off their boxes this afternoon and they were very understanding. I have one more box delivery day at the end of the month then I will start at the Mt Gambier and Hamilton markets next month.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know that I have been trying to dehybridise a red choy for home growers. The main problem with this variety is that it is male sterile so last year I crossed it with two other varieties of bok/pak choyi in the hope that I could get some plants with viable pollen to go on with.

The two beds that I sowed with those seeds have started to flower but I am disappointed to report that not a single flower has viable male parts so far. I might still keep the plants as there is a bed of Asian cabbage starting to flower not far away and if my choy produces pods it will have crossed with that and I will plant the resulting seeds and see what I get.
At this point I don't care what Asian cabbages and choys get crossed together as long as I eventually get some red or purple plants with viable pollen and I will breed up from there.

With spring coming up quickly and rain keeping me in for much of the day it was a good day to get to and plan my spring planting. I have so many new things to go in that I am chafing at the bit to start. I have to be careful not to get to impatient and start planting too soon as there is still a lot of cold and wet weather to come yet.

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