Thursday, August 29, 2013

Everything is growing amazingly

With our warmer than normal days everything in the garden is waking up and I am getting so impatient for planting time. Luckily I have had a couple of distractions like some friends coming yesterday to take my mind off it for a few hours. I have to settle myself by getting out my seed packets to sort them - again- and buying more seeds of Ebay :)

 Some of my globe artichokes are 5 feet tall and will still grow a lot taller before they are finished. This is such a tall variety that I have to cut down the branches to harvest the buds.

I don't like growing them because they produce so little food for the space and time but I suppose they do make good shade and wind shelter.

 My maqui berry tree is budding out with new leaves and getting flower buds. Pity it is a female and I can't seem to find a male. I just bought some seeds off Ebay so I can grow a male as Bunnings no longer stocks the plants. Bunnings lables don't say whether the plants are male or female anyway so that is still not a good choice for stock. I got this one there.

My swedes are ready to go into the last veggie boxes tomorrow. I am actually glad that I won't be offering them any more as I don't have to worry that I have enough of each type of vegetable to put in them. At the markets I just take what I have ripe whether there is a lot or a little.

I have a little local market in a bit over a week so I can get rid of a few things that I know are going to bolt before the Hamilton market at the end of the month.

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