Sunday, August 11, 2013

Broccoli coming out my ears

After filling my customers boxes with broccoli on friday and spending the last two days giving it away to neighbours I finely have my broccoli under control, well... for the next week anyway.

I love that after picking the main head it keeps producing more 'sprouting broccoli' for the next couple of months so it is well worth putting in. Great plants :)

When I start going to markets again next month I will have something to take at least.

Last year I grew a few beds of different coloured cauliflowers and broccoli go to seed together and cross pollinate just to see what I would come up with when I planted the seeds

The results of those seeds are just starting to head now and I have some great colours for my customers. Here is a 'normal' purple (Purple of Sicily) which always goes down well but below is a couple of crosses with various shades which obviously had Romanesco as one of the parents.

I will let one of these beds of crosses go to seed and see what the next generation looks like just as a matter of curiosity rather than any commercial interest.

You can see that my sandy soil means that I don't get big heads but I like to grow them anyway.


  1. Verra Purdy! Hey, PM me I have some Vivid Choy you may be able to use in your crosses from Wild Garden Seed.


  2. Thanks for the offer Holly, I've just sent you an email. Thank you for putting me onto this plant - I will definitely give it a go.