Sunday, August 18, 2013

Asparagus woes and water everywhere

I went out yesterday between wintery rain to check on things and discovered that every new shoot on my asparagus had the top nibbles off. I have no idea what would have done such a thing but I am lucky that I divided and transplanted them all in the Autumn so I won't be harvesting them this year. It would be a bugger if I was relying on selling them. If it happens again I will have to cover them.

The ground around here has finely reached saturation point so it is time for everything to turn into a swamp. It always makes me wonder because we are on a hill and have well drained sand down to around 70cm.

At least I have a few blocks that don't get as wet so I planned it to have most of the veggies off my wettest block now (the back block) and the spring ripening stuff on the the driest blocks. Seems to be working so far.

At least I am now used to the swampy conditions at this time of year and there is only a month of it to go now. It is amazing how quickly the soil dries out once the warmer weather hits though, this sand doesn't hold it for long even when I try to add a lot of organic matter into it.

The worst part is waiting for the water to go down before I can mow the lawn, it still keeps growing right through the water and looks dreadful by spring.


  1. maybe my cat came and visited you LOL. Asparagus is a favourite.

    1. Actually, that isn't a bad theory. There are a quite a few cats roaming around here, both pets and feral. :)