Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Waiting for the broad beans

This winter the broad beans have been really slow, and are just not setting. At the start they were afflicted with some sort of disease that caused many of them to have curled and shrivelled leaves, but the later plantings haven't had that problem. The first plantings have been flowering for a while but just won't set. I have tried pinching off the tops but it has made no difference.

 It is really odd as I have never had any trouble with them before and they are looking healthy.

I will have to leave the wondering about the beans till later as I am still having trouble with Red Legged Earth Mites. My beds are covered with them, I have never in my life seen them in such numbers and hanging around for so long. I am guessing that they will be around till summer now. I wish there was something that would fix the problem but I have tried everything and they don't have any natural predators in Australia.
I have been out and sprayed with everything from soap and garlic sprays to commercial sprays with no success.

They are even all over the beds in my Back block which had none last year because I had got rid of all the preferred host plants. I am tearing my hair out as they are destroying all my young plants so I might not have enough produce in the spring for even my few customers I have at the moment.

Here is a picture of the Cootamundra out in flower at the front of the house. When these flower you know that spring is only a month away, but we are still in for a lot of rain which starts around the beginning of August.
Anyway the ash trees around town are flowering now so, even though we still have a lot of cold weather to come, I can still see that spring is on its way. The days are slowly getting longer and that makes everything seem better. 

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