Friday, July 12, 2013

Today I was run off my feet and didn't get around to taking any pictures. I had to drive to Hamilton for a couple of odd jobs and then get back in time to pick produce for my veggie boxes. I had a couple more people call after doing my talk at the local garden club so I have as many customers as I can handle now.

I am still having trouble growing as much stuff as I should have. I think I am just too inefficient and space wasting so I am going to cover all the fences around the blocks with mesh and grow more beans and stuff up them. Hmmm, now to find the money to do that, lol. There is one fence that should be cool enough in summer to grow some kiwifruit up so I think I will give it another go after roasting all the plants last summer. I still have some hardy kiwi seedlings in pots so I will put them in.
Maybe a couple of passionfruit as well I think.

I have cleaned out a couple of beds of carrots and radishes today so I will plant some cabbages and hope I can get them ready before they bold in spring. It is a bit late I fear but at least chines cabbage flowering stems are great as 'napini' and all my customers love them. It is mild flavoured and goes well in stir-fries and steamed. And the best part is the plants just keep sending up more flowering stalks for months so it is an ongoing vegetable that takes little work.

I noticed that even though it is winter there are still some white butterfly caterpillars on the chinese cabbage so I have to look it over very well before bagging it. I really hope none of my customers have got a nasty shock in their cooking.


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