Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reveling in a perfect day

Today was an impressively elysian, sunny day, with a touch of empyrean majesty that would bring tears to a crutical but discerning eye. * throws away the thesaurus now*.

Oh, how beautiful the blueness and warming the sun on my back as I toiled in the green paradise that is my garden. Inspired by ancient and half forgotten instincts I rejoiced at the fruitage and carefully singled out errant weeds that forfeit their wayward essence at my probing fingers. *enough of the poetry*.

Anyway, we had a glorious day so I did some weeding. Mum even came out in the sun to lend a hand among the small beds of shallots. The photo shows the beds to be much more weedy than they really were, you gotta believe me!

I shall remember this day through the dark and drizzly days of winter when I shall look out of the window at... Oh, I must stop it... I think I am drunk on sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. May your pointy shallots be winnowed of dirt by a gracious and effusive Mother.