Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Murnong and wonderful winter

Today It was nice enough to get out and do a bit of weeding of the potato beds and while I was there I planted the small pot of murnong (microceris lanceolata) seedlings into the bed I had ready for them. Murnong is an Australian native root vegetable also called 'Yam Daisy'.

Oh, you cant see them? How about now?

They are tiny little things and I was worried about them but they had to go out as they didn't seem to like being in the pot and had stopped growing. They are so valuable that I will be worrying about them all the time now till they start to put on some growth.
This bed will be for selection and seed. I have another tray of seedlings coming up and they will be planted into a bed on J block after the radishes in there are harvested.

I am loving this time in winter where there isn't much to do so I can rest a bit before the rush in spring starts. I can just do a couple of things a day and if the weather is bad I won't mind staying indoors.
Today all I did was weed a three potato beds and show some visitors around my veggie blocks. Quite relaxing really.

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