Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly report

Sorry I forgot last months report but it wouldn't have been very interesting anyway, it will still be a few months before we really get any juicy info that is worth reading.

Quite a few beds are on track for their planned yearly profit ($100 per bed). It is not a real surprise that the best producers are carrots, rhubarb, celery and silverbeet. It is mostly the cut and come again vegetables that are bringing in the money, mostly because once they are mature they just keep on producing for months whereas with other vegetables you harvest them and then have to wait for three or four months for them to be harvestable again.

I will definitely concentrate more on year-round picking perennials and things you can crowd into beds like carrots and beets. I am also thinking of  growing those vegetables among the once a year harvestables like yacon so the beds are productive for a greater part of the year.

I took in my tax stuff to the agent today so I can't give any total profit figures but the beds I mentioned have already made their $50 profit each after only 5 months so they are well on track for the end of the year. The other good earners are the beds kept to produce seeds for sale.
I have yet to work out a good way to keep stats on them (because I only bag seeds when I need them and forget to write down how many have been bagged or sold) but with many types of vegetables I can get maybe 70 packets of seeds off the one bed and sell the packets at a profit of $2 each (after the packet and printing costs). I really should keep more of an eye on these as at the moment I tend to use my seed sales as petty cash and take no note of how many I am getting off a bed.

Another good producer is Chinese cabbage as I only pick what I need from the beds and the rest go to seed. I sell the flowering stems as 'Napini' which is delicious and my customers like it, and as long as I keep picking them they just keep on producing flowering stems until the plants exhaust themselves.

Lastly - A BIG THANKS to my sister Larceny who did a guest post for me yesterday, I loved it. Her family went home last night and the house is sooo quiet now without the boistrous kids and two extra adults. I miss them already.

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