Monday, July 1, 2013

Market Gardening Rules

Today when I was outside inspecting my plants I got to thinking about the 'rules' that I think you should know about when starting a market garden. I have forgotten most of them but here are a few:

  • If you forget who is boss Mother Nature will quickly put you right
  • If you find that you have some extra money in your pocket don't use it for a treat as it has only been put into your possession temporarily - there is a bill coming.
  • Where you see one snail there are hundreds unseen
  • Market gardening is not for sissies
  • Weeds grow faster when you turn your back 
  • Any valuable plant seed will not germinate or grow if they think you care so you should scatter the seed randomly, even tipping some down the side of your bench, then totally ignore them. This will guarantee that they all grow.
  • Half your customers will want more salad vegetables and the other half will want less. You can't please everyone.
  • If you shove your spade in the ground but it falls over, it will always fall on ready to pick lettuces, weeds are immune to falling impliments.

And, for your picture of the day- Last night I fried some boiled scorzonera in butter with a splash of roasted sesame oil, corn, peas and a couple of reject baby Asian cabbage from my red choy breeding project. Yum, I love scorzonera.

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