Thursday, July 4, 2013

I just can't help myself - I bought an apple tree

It was a bit too wet and windy today to do anything outside other than go around and check on my plants so when I came inside I did a bit of mucking around on the computer and ended up at Woodbridge trees, an Australian nursery specialising in some old fruit tree varieties.
I saw this apple and had to buy it even though I don't grow apples because of coddling moth problems.

I didn't think we had any red fleshed apples in Australia so I am very pleased that I found one. This one is only a cross between a crab apple and a 'normal' apple but it tastes good (similar to a 'Granny Smith') even though it is rather small at palm size. Maybe I will work on breeding to get a larger fruited red flesh.

Of course now I will have to stop being lazy and work on the coddling moth prevention. It isn't hard but I just haven't bothered until now that I have a reason.

This is going to wow my box customers in a couple of years. Now to quietly wait a few weeks till the nursery is ready to dig and send it.

Oh wow, I was just looking at the site, they don't have any left so I was awfully lucky to get one.

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