Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Going AWOL and back

I know I deserve a kick for not posting for a few days but my excuse is that I have been far too busy tripping around to Hamilton, Mt Gambier and Ballerat to get out in the garden. My sister is yet to give me a serve but I am sure she is saving it up till she comes to visit tomorrow :)

Although it often cold and wet at this time of year, it is nice to see daffodils starting to come out and show us that spring is on the way.

They make everything so bright and cheerful.

As I went on my daily inspection I noticed that my celtuce is nearly ready. I love celtuce, it is so crunchy and I love the flavour. Unfortunately I can't describe the flavour to you if you haven't tasted it as it is unique and not like anything else.
Celtuce is a type of lettuce that is grown for its stems rather than its leaves and it is great peeled and eaten raw or in salads.

I have been picking the flowering stems of my Asian cabbages for my veggie boxes. These ones are Michelli cabbage which is my new favourite, but all of them produce tasty flower stems that extend the season for months after you have picked some of the cabbages and the rest have bolted.

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