Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Garden Larder's First Guest Blog.

My name is Larsy and I am guest blogging Rowan's Garden Larder blog to give it a classy air while she puts her feet up and watches television. Myself, partner, three kids and the goat have been invading her household for the past five days, which is ample time for a 'best of blog' to be written and posted. So, in no particular order, here is the 5 'bests' of her world I have noticed during my stay.

1. She has Shown me her Murnongs. (It is not as rude as it sounds, although I was sceptical at first too). Turns out that Murnongs actually grow in the ground and look rather grassy when young. In fact, Child Number Two pulled a handful out in the interest of 'helping her weed' which was rather distressing for all involved.

2. Rowan mightily impressed the 'Man from Melbourne' who came to scope out her growing patches. He was so amazed by her gardening prowess that he did not notice his wet shirt and shoes from the copious amounts of rain gushing from the sky lately. Actually, he was a very nice and ethical young man who I hope goes a long way in his interests of sustainability and local produce.

3. The local Nareen Produce Swap was an enlightening moment for the kids and me. It is such a great experience that a surprising amount of people travel surprising distances to a tiny hall in a remote 'town' that consists of said hall and one visible house in order to trade wonderful things. Rowan's horseradish roots caused quite the preverbial stir, and were poked, prodded and gazed at by all and sundry. When the kids got bored and we had to leave early, the best bit was having others offer to clean up the soil and mess the horseradish left on the tablecloth.

4. When picking carrots for the Garden Larder Vegie Boxes, the wee ones pulled two rather suspect carrots that had grown twined around each other in a loving embrace. These caused quite a stir amongst Miss 4 and Mr 3, and piqued their interest in growing copious amounts of carrots ourselves. Of course, the slightly pornographic carrots were put into the box of one lucky customer to open and surprise.

5. Mr 1 has been pooping capsicum seeds for days after trying and apparantly approving of Rowan's miniature capsicums. At least three were devoured whole, seeds and all, and the remnants are still appearing out of the other end. Good times.

And, in the interest of fairness, here are five distressing things I have encountered in the past five days:

1. Rowan has no peas growing. I love peas. This scenario can only end in disappointment.

2. The goat who has been lugged 400kms for her 'holiday' has gone from giving 3 litres of milk a day to about 150mL. Seeing as the kids will only drink goats milk, this is quite a dilemma.

3. Rowan insists on pulling out her nettles and throwing them in a pile to rot. I have failed miserably in my attempts to introduce her to the concept of Nettle Beer Brewing.

4. Despite my best persuasions, Rowan does not want a goat. Or ducks. Or turkeys. Or a sheep. Or a pig. Apparantly she is not planning to branch out into livestock and fresh manure production.

5. Singing to the Brussels Sprouts had no discernable effect upon growth. Not even the dulcet tones of the three young kids singing Old Macdonald made them develop any faster.

And so, as we leave for home tonight the world of Garden Larder's Heirloom Vegetables will once again become a peaceful place. So long.

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  1. LOL great post sister of mine!!!! You were here for 5 days!!! I would have visited if I'd known.