Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden doings and other busyness

With winter stooping most of the work I have lots of time to turn to other interests (please note that I will only be posting every second day for the time being as there isn't much going on). When I go out to inspect my blocks each morning I tend to do a little bit of weeding while I am there, I keep a hoe on each block just for that purpose, and I also think about what will be ready for the next box day.
I think I will have a good box on the 12th with napini, beetroot, celery, Jerusalem artichoke, silverbeet, radishes, onions, broccoli shoots, carrots, and maybe lettuce.

So with the rest of my days a bit slow I am getting ready for the fur tanning course I am taking early next month. Today I picked up some sheepskins from Hamilton and foxes from a local hunter. I am glad that in Australia we don't have fur farms and hardly any leg trapping. I have no problem with hunters shooting pest animals as there is much less suffering than fur farming, poisoning or trapping. A quick and painless death for an animal by shooting is the only way I will use the skins, although I did get some baby lamb skins from the local knackery from lambs who died from abandonment or cold just after being born on local farms.
Foxes and feral cats are so destructive to the environment in Australia that there cannot be too much hunting of those animals.

Anyway, I almost have enough skins, just a few more foxes and some rabbits and I will be all set. I spent today cleaning up and salting the skins to be ready so they are now sitting under the house to dry and wait to be made into nice rugs.

I am getting excited now and I hope a few more of the people who showed interest in the course call to confirm they are coming. Oh well, if I have left over skins I can always sell them on Ebay.

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