Thursday, July 18, 2013

Checking out some of the beds

It was pouring rain all day today so I barely got outside. Luckily I took some pictures yesterday to put up tonight.
I got another roll of poly pipe and weldmesh to make more hoops for my beds so I will get onto cutting that up in the next couple of days when the rain stops. My blocks re going to look like they are covered with green waves by summer. That will be a sight, lol.

I have been waiting impatiently and at last my Emperor Tainong heading mustard is starting to form heads. I have had to pull out a couple of plants that were obviously going to go to seed without heading but the rest look good.
This is the plant used to make fermented mustard greens 'Kimchi'. It has a definate mustard taste but not too strong. A friend picked some and ate it raw and declared it tasty.
I don't have enough plants to sell so my bed will be used for seed.
Having trouble with snails as you can see.

My open pollinated red choi project is going well. I have a mixture of types of small pak choi and bok choi type plants. Some are bolting early and they will be eaten in the next week. I am guessing that if I take out all plants that go to seed until I have around 30-40 plants for seed I will produce a plant that is less likely to bolt than most pak chois.
Quick bolting really annoys me as we rarely get a long enough period of stable weather and temperatures to get them to harvest stage properly.

I hope that many of these plants have viable pollen, that will make it so much easier and faster to get to a stable type.
These F1 seedlings have a bit of leaf and colour variety and it will be exciting to see how they segregate out in the F2s.

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