Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brrr, frosty mornings and dead trees

We have had some bad frosts for the past few mornings, Tasmania has had the coldest mornings on record, down to -14 C. I can't force myself to get out of the house before 10am, lol.

Unfortunately, even with cover I think all my cherimoyas I planted out are dead but there are still a couple of tree tomatoes still struggling, whether they will make it right through the winter is another story. I did put a few small chrimoya seedlings away in the poly house and they are still alive so if they make it through the winter I will plant them out early in spring and feed them up heavily to try to get them to put on so much growth that they will be less vulnerable next winter.

I love the sunny days that follow a frosty morning but it is still hard to get up the courage to go and see what damage has been done. We usually only get one or two -2 C or -3 C days per year which is few enough to keep most sub-tropical trees alive but with the ongoing heavy frosts it is no good this year. I will have to work out something for next winter for the smaller trees.

On a good note, the veggie beds that I have left the shadecloth over are not getting quite as cold so I will plant a few beds of early veggies in spring and see if it makes a difference in stopping them bolting with the mixed cold and warmer days. It's worth the experiment I think.
Those in the Northern Hemisphere would have more experience with growing early spring veggies and the timing but I found that if I planted most vegetables in October last year the weather wasn't stable enough and they all bolted early.


  1. Hi Rowan; Re the Blogger problem - is it still affecting you, or has it returned to normal now?

  2. It's mildly amusing to see you writing about such low temperatures. We in the UK tend to think of Australia being always hot - and we are currently experiencing what is for us a heatwave - temps in the upper 20s!

  3. Thanks for reading Mark. I had to switch to Chrome to post properly, in IE it still isn't working.

    Many people think we are hot and dry but Australia is a big place and we have all climates from tropical rainforests to snowy mountains as well as deserts. My climate here is hot, dry summers and cool winters with wet springs.