Monday, June 10, 2013

What a glorious day

Wow, this was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. I really appreciated it as we may not get many more of these before mid spring.
Robert (my friend who has been visiting to check out my veggie growing) went back to Melbourne today so I got stuck into weeding. It was so nice and peaceful just sitting beside the beds pulling out weeds and I often use weeding as a way to sit and think and the time goes by pretty fast. I did some hoeing of the edges of the beds on J block which tidied them up a lot and made them look at least a bit presentable.

During the afternoon I got into washing the house windows as they had been getting very grubby, so that is another job off my list.

I looked at my yacon and thought about starting to dig them but with the mild weather lately I decided that since they have not completely died down they were still bulking up their tubers so I would leave them for another month. There is no hurry to get them dug up as they don't need to be replanted till spring and where they are they won't get waterlogged when the wet weather comes.

I think I will put in a lot more next year as they are very popular and I think I will be able to sell a lot more tubers. I will put in about quarter of J block into winter tubers as it is no trouble getting rid of them and they are easy to grow. I will have to plan it so all the oca have shadecloth cloches though. My poly pipe to make the cloches for summer is ordered and should be here this week. Now I just have to pay for it and the shadecloth. Money hates staying with me.

I really didn't get anything interesting done today so I have no pictures.

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