Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weeding and other random things

This morning I went with Robert to the river in a bush spot where I like to go to take pictures of native food plants. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures as there were not many things growing yet but it was a good day out as the weather was mild.

We looked around for other things to take pictures of and Robert took some photos of birds while I looked in the nearby pine plantation for edible fungi. We haven't had enough rain yet for most of the fungi to come out but here is one picture that I took of an unknown fungi.

It is not a good picture but I had to come home with something. For some reason the pretty green around the edges of the caps didn't show in the photo.

There is a delicious puffball that I was hoping to get a picture of but I will have to wait till it rains some more I think.

Just to show that I did actually get some work done today, here is a picture of a couple of the small side beds on the back block that were covered with weeds. I spent the afternoon weeding the whole side of the block, well most of it anyway. Most of what I have on this side are onion relatives. I've just got the edges to do and it will look nice and neat. The way the rest of the block looks at the moment it will be the only neat bit there. The weeds are growing faster than the veggies at the moment with the mild weather we have been having.

I have been lucky during the past year as I have been over-run with ladybugs but now that they have disappeared for the winter I see that my purple brussels sprouts are covered with aphids.

 Luckily the plants are just waiting for spring so they can flower so I can afford to wait and see if the aphid problem fixes itself.
If it gets any worst I will have to give them a dose of garlic or soap spray.


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