Saturday, June 15, 2013

Visiting and being lazy

Sorry, no pictures again today - yeah I know, I will have to pull my finger out.

It was rainy again so I decided to go and visit some people who I met a couple of months ago. They live at Heywood and are trying to live as self-sustainably as possible. I wish I had taken my camera as they had a koala sitting in a tree not far from the ground, then at least you would get to see some sort of result of my visit, lol.

Anyway, we found that we had much more in common than we thought and I had a delightful visit checking out their little place and all their veggies and fruit. We sat indoors most of the time and listened to the rain on the roof, and talked, and talked. I really enjoyed it. I was even lent a few books to read, luckily as there is nothing thought provoking to watch on TV at the moment.

Then I came home to find out that had been fine and sunny here from the time I left. Oh well, I don't regret the day and hope to catch up with my new friends again soon. I love what they are doing with their place and hope to get some pics next time.

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