Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stuck inside today

As I type I am loving hearing the rain on the roof. It has been raining all day which is why I have decided to write this post earlier in the day than usual. I am stuck inside and sick of playing cards on the computer.

So... I have no pictures because I can't get outside to do anything constructive. At least this has forced me to get into some paperwork which I am always trying to put off, and sorting out the seeds I will be planting in spring. October, when the frosts stop and it starts to warm up, will come around frighteningly fast, as it always does.

There are a lot of new seeds that I will be trialling in spring such as kurrajong (I did put some in in autumn but they didn't do any good, they all died when it got cold), some native yams and a few new melons and cucumbers for a start.
I love looking through my seeds and I am not the only one, even my sister who just doesn't have a green thumb (not helped by her goats, turkeys and chooks) even told me she loves to do the same.

I have found a new website that I am trying to support called Ripe Near Me ( that asks people to put on any free fruits and veg (including wild apple trees on the side of the road, excess herbs to give away etc) as well as anyone with produce from their gardens to sell. I hope it gets going as it is an interesting idea. It is an Australian site.
I have been meaning to do an audit/catalogue of all the local 'public' or wild fruit trees in the area and this might be an excuse to get off my bum and do it.

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