Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shadecloth arrived

Wow, that was quick. The shadecloth that I ordered from the supplier in NSW arrived today so I got to work cutting it and working out how to attach it to the polypipe hoops.

 I cut it to 4m lengths which is the length of my veggie beds. It was a 50m roll so I got 13 full lengths (their roll gives a few extra feet for luck, lol).

It is 50% shadecloth which should be perfect for the veggies in summer. Enough to give shade from the worst of the summer sun but still let enough light through that they need.

To make it easy to use, I attached curtain rings to the lengths so I can slide the shadecloth over or take it down as I want. When it is not in use it will just lay on one side of each bed.
It would have made it a bit easier to used bigger curtain rings but I couldn't get them. These work fine but the cloth is not quite as easy to pull over as I had hoped.
It will certainly make it easier than struggling with clamps though.

If I need to take the shadecloth totally off, all I have to do is slip it off the hoops, easy.

This is how the nearly finished beds look. All I need to do is add a guy rope at the front and back to keep the shadecloth taut and neat and they will be done. I now have 13 finished beds and now that I know it works I will buy more polypipe and shadecloth in a few weeks when I can afford it.

You can imagine how my blocks are going to look when most of the beds are covered.

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