Sunday, June 16, 2013

Replanting my oca early

Usually when I dig my oca I leave the replanting tubers in pots in my shadehouse till it is time to plant them in spring. It works well but it is often difficult to judge the amount of tubers I will be planting and how many to sell.

While I was out weeding a few beds in J block today I decided to do something different this year. Since we don't get the cold that many other countries get in winter and out soil doesn't freeze hard I replanted the oca tubers in beds that already have veggies in them. This means that I will know exactly how many beds to put in and definitely have enough tubers.

This is a bed of young 'Purple Peacock' broccoli.

I spaced the tubers out with normal spacing and put them in a few inches to wait till they are ready to sprout in spring. Of course I would not do this if the beds get too wet or waterlogged over the winter but this block has a slope and good drainage.

 The oca all in bed

When the broccoli is ready to harvest it won't be long till the weather warms up so I can either cut of the stalks and wait for the oca or maybe leave the broccoli in the ground and keep harvesting while they offer shade to the oca. I might leave a bed like that just to see how it goes.

Of course I have kept a kilo of tubers back just in case. You should always have a back-up when you try something new and I can't go without another oca harvest. My customers are already disappointed that they had no tubers to eat this year.

Another thing, I wrote about my Cholcolate vines last week but after some time to read and think about it I pulled them out as it is just too much of a risk that they would get out of control in this climate and I can't afford that on someone elses land.

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