Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quick trip to the coast

I have a friend staying over for a couple of days as he travels around so I suggested that we take a trip down to the coast so I could take a few pictures for my weekly native foods thread on a forum that I am a part of ( . He was quick to agree because he is an avid photographer himself.

There isn't much happening as far as edible plants, well nice edible fruits, right now in winter, most fruiting plants fruit in summer, but there were a few plants with edible leaves that I could take pics of anyway.

There was not much light left by the time we got there so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked but here are a few.

Here is a view from the top of a dune facing the freshwater lake called Lake Mombeong. It is a beautiful large, springfed lake in the middle of nowhere. The vegetation behind the sand dunes is full of edible plants and many native animals. Unfortunately I have also seen many feral cats and foxes here as well.
The sea is behind me.

This is sea parsley. It is a native plant that is related to celery and has a salty celery or parsley taste. It is a bit courser than garden parsley but is used just the same.
 It grows on the sand dunes right next to the sea.
 This plant on the left is Botony Bay Greens. It grows behind the sand dunes all up the Eastern coast of Australia and New Zealand. It is also called Warragal greens or New Zealand Spinach.

I am not fond of the taste because I don't like a lot of greens but it is not too bad steamed or cooked in any way you would cook spinach and most people who like their greens should like this too. It is very common and makes a great alternative green on your plate.

Other natives I will leave for my forum posts but these two plants are some that I have been toying with growing on my blocks.

Tomorrow we will be going to a place near the Glenelg river in the bush so I can get some more photos of different plants. I know I should be spending more time weeding but it is nice to get away and do something else once in a while.

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