Friday, June 7, 2013

Moving the chocolate vines

A couple of years ago I bought a hybrid chocolate vine (Akebia quinata x A. trifoliata) off Ebay because it looked interesting and different but then I read that they are not self-fertile so I bought another one, Akebia quinata. Soo... they have been sitting in pots hidden in a corner covered with grass and weeds until I could find a place for them.

Today I decided that the poor things needed a bit more care so I heaved them out and cleaned off all the grass. 

I took them over to the fruit block and planted them next to the fence so they had something to climb on. Last year they were too small to fruit but I hope this spring they flower (at the same time) and fruit as I am really interested to see if the hybrid will turn out as tasty as the seller suggests.

They produce purple, sausage shaped fruits in late summer which split open to reveal the edible flesh surrounding the seeds. It is supposed to taste like tapioca pudding by some accounts. The name 'Chocolate vine' is because the flowers are supposed to have a chocolate scent.

If they don't produce fruit I will try buying some of the hybrid seeds and get a few plants that will hopefully pollinate each other easily. First I will have to see if these two plants flower after their replanting shock.

It is supposed to be an aggressive grower so I will have to keep mine in check, especially as they will be growing on another persons property. If they get as invasive as some reports say they will be coming out quick smart.

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