Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just random ramblings

It wasn't a very exciting day today so I will just write about boring things.

Another cold morning followed by a lovely day. I am getting spoiled with not having to get out and work til 10am, well actually not wanting to get out till 10am because my fingers will freeze off. I don't think I could bear to live in parts of Europe or America where it is freezing for months.

I am off to the Henty garden club meeting tonight. Brrr, you would think that for a tiny club they could meet in members homes over the winter. As it is we all arrive covered in coats, scarves and beanies and huddle in the tiny hall kitchen to try and keep warm with each others body heat. No... that paints a nasty picture in my head - we are so buried in coats and clothing that it would be impossible for that sort of thing so stop with your nasty thoughts!!!

Tomorrow I will take a trip to Hamilton to pick up some deer skins to use in my upcoming tanning course. I already have about 6 people coming so it will be a good weekend. I have someone supplying me with enough fox skins so all I need now is to find some sheep skins and I will be ready. The course is on the first weekend of August.
Luckily I have to drop off some asparagus plants on the way which will cover the cost of my petrol to Hamilton.

Apart from planting two beds of broad beans I didn't get much gardening done today but I suppose I have to have the occasional rest.

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