Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inspecting the lettuces and broad beans

Today was a glorious day, it was beautiful and sunny even though the temperature only got to 13 C but sunny days always seem warmer. Sunny days will get rarer now that winter has hit so I made the best of it while I had it with a heap of weeding and finishing cutting up the poly pipe for the rest of the hoops.

My broad beans have just started to flower (this is 'Longpod) although they are still small. These plants are supposed to be a tall variety but my plants are only dwarf size. They could still grow though.
Oops, as I write this I have been researching them and these are a dwarf, phew.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a packet of 'Gippsland Giant' broad beans which have giant seeds so I am waiting impatiently for these to bear. Unfortunately after I planted the seeds the starlings scratched them all up and I had to replant them. They are just popping up now so I hope I get at least a dozen plants as I guess some seeds were probably eaten by mice while they were above ground. There were not a huge amount in the packet to start with.

I harvested and replanted one bed of yacon, it is here on the left. On the right is a bed of Iceburg lettuces.
I am not growing loose leaf or butterheads again as mu customers don't like them. I will stick with plain, but good Iceburg. I might try the red Iceburg as well later.
I have to admit that I love this old-fashioned lettuce even if it has been thought of as a bit plain. I'm glad it is coming 'back in' again.

I get a real buzz out of watching lettuces head up. I tend to spend a lot of time feeling them (sounds naughty, doesn't it) and just looking at them.

You can't beat a nice, crunchy, sweet lettuce on the plate.

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  1. Alas, my lettuce is all getting bitter. I never have lettuce and tomatoes at the same time.