Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden club talk and frost

My poor tamarillos, they did quite well last year and I thought that now they are bigger that they would cope with light frosts a bit better still. I was wrong, even the ones I planted under trees are not handling the daily frosts well at all even with covering.

At least most of my other plants are doing ok, well, except the pepinos which always die down almost to the roots in the winter.

I did a talk at the garden club today about seed buying terminology and showed off some of the veg that I picked for the display this morning. I talked about the meanings of some words associated with heritage and commercial seeds and varieties as well as going over some of the rare and unusual veg that I brought along. They were really interested in the different colours of beetroot and carrots as well as the kohlrabi and yacon.

Everyone was very pleased with my talk and said that it was very informative and cleared up some misconceptions. The club even gave me a couple of blocks of chocolate for my trouble, Mmmmm. and I got a new box order.

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