Monday, June 3, 2013

Digging Chinese artichokes

I got stuck into harvesting my small patch of Chinese artichokes (also called crosne) today.

Just as I suspected, the summer was not kind to these plants either. They were very sparse in the ground. Next year I will be growing them in much better soil and giving them more water as well as growing them under shadecloth.

Most of the tubers were tiny, only half the size that they should be and too small for eating. At least I will have enough for replanting in the spring, and a few extra to sell.

There were only a few that were 'normal' sized. Not enough to bother with eating so I will replant them.

I like Chinese artichokes even though they don't have a lot of taste. The plants are pretty tough and the tubers sweetish and crunchy, just the thing to add raw to salads or stir-fries. They don't need peeling, luckily, just wash and use.

You just have to be careful because they will spread from underground runners and it is just about impossible to find all the tiny tubers in the dirt. Luckily the plant falls prey to scratching chooks, and it is not a particularly aggressive or large plant so I really don't mind if it spreads a bit.

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