Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chook poo

Got my hazelnuts planted today, I can't wait to get some but as one is very small I don't think I will get any even though they have buds on them and will flower in a month or two. The smaller one is just a small sucker and won't have enough flowers to pollinate the big one. I might try hand pollination though.
I will try to make a good hazelnut hedge for shade as they grow.

My parents went over to the mount today and brought me back some bags of chook poo to spread on some of the beds that I put straw on a couple of days ago. By spring they should be broken down enough to plant. The guy who usually brings my sheep poo/straw mix has a broken tractor and has been a bit slow in getting it fixed. I may have to wait till after winter now for it. Such a bugger as it breaks down so well and plants grow terrifically in it.

I checked on some of my purple carrot breeding beds and found that barely any are turning purple. I thought purple was a dominant trait but I must have it wrong so I will collect seed from them and replant in spring.

This is a bed of F1 seedlings from a cross between Deep Purple and Purple dragon. I am hoping that when I do get a fully purple open pollinated carrot that is will have purple leaves like Deep Purple so I will be selecting for that in the next generation.

I also have a bed of seedlings that I am trying to breed a purple parisian style carrot in (parisian x purple dragon). They are also not showing purple so I hope the next generation segregates strongly.


  1. ummm how come I didn't know mum and dad came over?

  2. is it too late to plant out broad beans down here Deb?