Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bye Bye Chak

Didn't get anything done today because I was waiting for the new owners of my donkey Chak to come and pick him up. That is what I hate about winter, there are just not enough daylight hours left if you have a non-farm job to do.

I have had Chak for many years, he was one of my pack donkeys for many years while I was travelling around southern Australia will my pack donkeys. I will miss him but I had to let him go to a new home because I just wasn't looking after him properly.

Chak is the donkey in the middle. His name is short for Chac noh ek - one of the ancient South American gods.
The new owners come from Dereel which is many hours drive from here so he is still on the road. They will let me know when they arrive home.

It was a nice day so I should have been mowing the lawn but that will have to wait a couple of days at is is going to rain tomorrow. I Received some skirrit and rampion seeds in the mail. I decided to try skirrit again but it doesn't grow here in the summer as it is too hot. I am hoping that if I plant them now they will be ready to taste before summer.
I really must stop myself from buying seeds on the internet when I am not outside, it really gets out of hand. It is the worst part, but also the most fun part of winter I think. I also got a male and female Mountain Pepper plant from Tassie today  *slaps credit card holding hand* I already have a female so I can use the leaves but I want to be able to get berries as well. Anyone who has tasted this plant will know how great they are for flavouring, the leaves and berries are very hot and spicy.

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