Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brrrr, cold and ugly carrots

Woke up to a frost this morning. It was -2 degrees C which is about the coldest we get here. I decided that I couldn't force myself to go outside till 10 am. It was after lunch before I could get my fingers to work properly. Gee I'm glad I don't live in cold countries that get snow and frost for many months of the year.

Winter is the time for most of the choosing of the root vegetables for seed. I have done a lot of them but today was the turn of the 'Jaunne Obtuse du Doubs' carrot. I don't have many of these as I accidently harvested and sold most of the one bed I planted, oops. It is a large, yellow carrot that is delicious and easy to grow.

Most of the roots were perfect and I replanted them but these few would make great contestants in an Ugliest vegetable competition. Into the soup pot they go tomorrow.

I also spread out a rotten large bale of straw (one of the ton sized bales) on a few of the empty beds but I hope the starlings don't scratch it about too much before I can buy some manure on it to help it break down. I can't seem to mulch any beds and keep the birds from scratching any plants out without using bird netting on it. Damn starlings.

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