Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wonderful rain and loads of work

Woke up this morning to the lovely sound of light rain on the roof. It is so good knowing I won't have to hand water for the next few days. This will bring on the just germinating grass on the nearby farms and make the hills green and beautiful. It was only 10 mils for the day but every bit counts and everything looks fresh and damp - sooo wonderful. There are showers predicted for the next few days as well. It makes me happy.

Of course the rain brings weeds with it and I spend some of the day between showers weeding and putting chook poo on some of the empty beds where I harvested for the last farmers market.

Here are a couple of pictures of D block at the moment. It looks a bit bare still because the seedlings in many of the beds are still very small.

This block doesn't get too wet in winter so I am busy putting in veggies for the spring which is out wettest time of the year when my back block is usually flooded. As long as the winter is mild they should grow in time for spring harvest. It is a chance but it will pay off if the weather is just right. If the winter gets too cold they will just sit without growing then many will bolt to seed in spring.

I am changing the beds to put perennial herbs down one side in the smaller beds. I don't use a lot of herbs in my cooking and they don't sell well at the market but my veggie box customers like them. A lot of those smaller beds will go into seed veggies too.

There are a LOT of self seeded rainbow silverbeet seedlings coming up in this block from the great seed harvest I got last summer and I always hate trashing them as they are so beautiful so I am replanting them in some of the other empty beds. I really hope I get good sales for them at the markets as I have about 7 beds of them now. I notice that there are a lot of pretty orange and peach stemmed ones in this lot so they will make the bunches look great.
There are still heaps to thin out so I am just going to have to close my eyes and throw them away. I can't sell the seedlings as this is the block infested with root knot nematode so I can't risk infecting other peoples veggie patches.

I looked in my diary and I have no things to do in the coming week so it will be heaps of weeding every day I think.


  1. How long do you think black scor seeds are good for?

    1. I'm not sure. I would guess a year or two but I usually use or sell the seeds I produce within a year of harvesting so I haven't tested them.

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