Monday, May 13, 2013

Weeding, storms and rain - at last

It is storming and hailing as I write this post - we haven't seen rain like this in a long time. Look, an inch of rain in the rain guage this afternoon and I don't know how much it will hold in the morning. This is great.

I will even have to mow the lawn for the first time since before Christmas. Maybe if it keeps up I will be able to get out of weeding tomorrow. I feel like a kid at a party.

Below is part of the first bed of salsify that I will have ready for the market at the end of the month. I grew a few plants last year just to test them out and harvest some seeds. I like it but I think Scorzonera (sometimes called black salsify) in much better in quality and taste. I will see how they both go at market to see if I will continue to grow both or just stick with scorzonera.

They both are a bit fiddly to prepare for cooking but that is probably because they haven't had as much breeding and selection work done on them as some of the better known vegetables. The taste of both is quite nice, sort of like artichoke hearts. On the net most people say they taste like oysters but I think that is by those who have just read that and have not tasted these vegetables for themselves.

I didn't gather nearly enough seeds from the salsify in the summer so I will be sure to get more from my seed bed this time. 

This morning while the weather was clear I got to work weeding some of the beds in D Block and my mother came over to help me. She wanted to break in her new weeding stool and tools I think. Anyway, the silverbeet and cabbages now look very clean and tidy. It always feels go to be able to see the work you have done afterwards.

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