Friday, May 31, 2013

Veggie boxes and general ramblings

I've just got back from delivering the veggie boxes, I can't believe how early the sun is setting now. I have to tread a fine line between delivering before dark and people being home from work. Luckily most of my customers are single pensioners so I only have to time it for a couple of workers.

This is a picture of my box today. In it there are feijoas, medlars, onions, carrots, Russian kale, marmalade, white beetroot, capsicum, radishes and parsley.

I like to provide an average of 10 items/bunches in each box and give my customers more than they would buy in the supermarket for the same price. I see that small bunches of beetroot are selling for $6 in the local supermarkets which is outrageous because they are so easy to grow. 
I gave customers one of my random surveys last time and just picked them up. Everyone was very happy with everything so I seem to be getting it right. All I have to do is get the growing more steady and then attract more customers and I will be set. 

I am slowly picking up more customers which suits me well as I know I can supply, I would hate to turn people away at this time. I think that I could cope with up to 20 customers within the next 6 months and will have to work on better space management before I could handle more than that. Any produce left over I will take to the Mount Gambier market.
I know that that number of customers will not be enough to make a full time income but it is a start and will allow me to plan leasing a larger block out of town and build up from there. 

Tomorrow I will post my first monthly farm report with earnings and other stuff which might help anyone starting their own little market garden or CSA. If I can help anyone avoid my mistakes and plan for problems I think I will have done good. It will also help me to keep to plan.

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