Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet potato swan song

My sweet potatoes have died down after the frosts so I dug them this morning. The tubers were so small and scrawny that I am too embarrassed to even put up a pic of them. I am guessing that our really late frosts in November meant that they just didn't have that last month or so to bulk up. You win some, you lose some.
I replanted the tubers so that they will sprout again (hopefully) in the spring. The plants themselves also didn't do as well as they should have even though I put them where they had better soil and more water.

Last year was my first year growing them, after being told that sweet potatoes won't grow down here, and they turned out surprisingly productive. They are easy to grow and fairly ornamental vines so I will try again next year. I think I will be happy if I can get a harvest two years in every three.

I planted a couple of beds of California red onions because I still had a heap of seed that I hadn't got around to cleaning. It is a bit late but it they don't bulb up well by spring I will just use them as spring onions. I don't usually plant many onions simply because I can't grow them any better than commercial onions and certainly not for the same price. Each bed has to bring in $100 per year and some crops just take up too much room for too long a time for too little income to be worth planting. These are crops like corn, globe artichokes and onions. I only grow a few of these crops for my own home use and some in out of the way places for fun. The exceptions I make are for vining crops like pumpkins and watermelons that store well so I have some in emergencies, especially in winter, to sell when I am out of most other things.

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