Monday, May 20, 2013

Cactus fruit, cauliflower and other ramblings

Ok, so I've been told by my sister who ready my last post that I really suck at humour. Well, I already know that so now I don't feel obliged to try any more funny, whew.

Back to business.
There are many types of cactus and cactus-like plants that produce edible fruits. I have tried dragonfruit and prickly pear and haven't been impressed with either but I found a cactus plant is a local ladys garden which had some fruit on it so I picked a couple of fruits to try and a couple of cuttings just in case it was nice to eat.

This fruit was so delicious that I couldn't stop nibbling on it even though I wanted to save some seeds. It is sweet and sour and tastes a bit like a cross between passionfruit and sour, blackcurrent lollies. Well, I did save a few seeds as well as the cuttings so now I just have to get them to grow.
I have tried to grow dragon fruit but it just doesn't cope with out cold winters so I will emulate the growing conditions in the garden this plant came from (under a tree) and see if it does better. I will certainly try me best. The taste lingers in the mouth for ages so you get your moneys worth :)

I was out in the garden and noticed this cauliflower that had popped up in a corner so I hadn't done anything about it.
It is producing many small cauliflower heads around every leaf as well as the main one in the middle. I would really like to have a variety that continues to do this but I can't save any seeds from it because I have no other cauliflowers flowering at the moment to pollinate it with. I will have to cut the flowering stems back when they extend and try to keep it trying to flower till late spring. It will be an interesting experiment to see if I can do it.

My potatoes are recovering a bit from the last frost that burned the tops off them which is very handy as the longer they stay alive, the bigger their tubers will grow. I haven't had them in long so the more and bigger tubers I get the better. I have 12 varieties of potato in, all interesting and great tasting. I really love Dutch Cream as it makes the yummiest mashed potatoes, but others I have are Cranberry Red, Blue Congo, Pink Fir Apple (Someone on drugs must have made up that name), and more that I can't remember the names of at the moment.

I like to overwinter the spuds in the ground as they get off to a better start in spring, even if the spring frosts bite them a little.

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