Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh, my poor, poor pepinos

Had another, stronger frost last night that put to rest any lingering hope of a pepino crop. Usually I have a bumper crop at this time of one kilo fruits but they were so late setting this year that I only got one smallish fruit. I will now cut the plants down low and mulch with straw to keep the lower branches and roots alive till spring. Just to be safe I will also take some root suckers tomorrow and put them in the poly house.

Here is a picture of one small row of yacon that also copped the frost. Luckily my other yacon plants were only slightly burnt so they will continue to grow their tubers a bit longer. It is strange how plants on one block were so badly damaged and others, just as exposed, on another block were only slightly damaged. My small crop of oca was also badly hit.

Luckily, these couple of tamarillo that were situated under an overhanging tree came through it fine. Just goes to show how using microclimates pay off. I am really hoping that these fruit this coming summer (assuming they come through the winter ok).

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