Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oca starting to tuberise

Even though the frosts lately have knocked them, my oca still have enough life in them to start making tubers. They are very late but if we don't get much frost for the next couple of weeks I should get some to eat, although not nearly as much as I had hoped. I also have an order of 5kg of replanting tubers which I will struggle to fill.

The trick with oca (also known as New Zealand yam) is to leave digging them till at least two weeks after they have completely died down as the tubers are still growing during this time. Then you need to leave them in a sunny place, or at least in an airy basket for another week or so to get rid of the tangy oxalic acid and they will sweeten.
When they are ready to eat, you just cook them anyway like potatoes. Remember to leave some small tubers to replant in the spring. Keep replanting tubers in a pot filled with slightly damp potting mix or sawdust.

I have a bed full of a really good crop of beetroot. I mainly grow white beetroot - because I like eating it but I am a messy eater, lol - but it still attracts comments from customers at the markets. I have to assure you that it is tastes just the same and is just as sweet as 'regular' beetroot. Why is is that things always look smaller in photos than in real life? Anyway, these are really healthy, big and tender beets and they will sell well at the next market.

White beetroot always seems to grow better for me than red types. I have a red beetroot crop in at the moment that are still piddly little things even though they are supposed to grow big. No matter, I still sell plenty of whatever colour I take.

I won't be able to post for the next couple of days as I am going to visit a friend. I'm sure you have other interesting blogs to read in the meantime.


  1. If frosts threaten, you could always cover those oca with polythene or fleece. I'd guess you need to get at least another month out of them to make a good crop.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I will cover them with plastic but I usually don't need to. This year they are very late so I hope that the plastic is enough.

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