Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nareen veggie swap and green hills

I had a good morning at the Nareen veg swap. I had been a bit dubious about adding macadamia nuts to boxes next friday as the customer has to have a very good nutcracker to get into them but I hadn't planned on swapping them and they were sitting in my van, THEN a friend came in with a basket full of medlars. Well, wasn't I quick to suggest a swap which she was eager for - after all who doesn't like macadamias, lol. I ran over there with my arms out just in case I had to push any rivals out of the way. In truth I don't think anyone else was interested, they didn't know what they were.

I bet my box customers will be overjoyed to receive the medlars, well maybe not until I tell them what they are and what they can do with them anyway. I like medlars but don't grow them as they always seem a bit cost inneffective.
For those who don't know, medlars (Mespilus germanica) are an old fruit which tastes like stewed apples and is related to apples and pears. There isn't a lot of flesh around the pips but they are unusual and rare. Like pears and some persimmons they have to blet before they are edible - they come off the tree hard and you have to wait till they are soft in a few weeks of storage. They can be stewed and served with custard which is how I like them, or made into medlar jelly.

After the swap I went to visit this friend as I had been curious about here place for a while now. She has an acre and a half (I guess, maybe more) of all sorts of edibles and I was impressed with what her and her husband have achieved with their place. Apart from the medlars, I also came home with some quinces, yum.

While I was coming back from the swap I stopped to take a few pictures to show you how the hills around Casterton are greening up now after a couple of weeks of light rain. It is so good to see the green after so many months of dry dust.
The first picture is our small town of Casterton nestled in the hills.

This is the eastern side, the western side is a mixture of native forests and farmland but I wasn't out that way to take any pics.
Well, until tomorrow.

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  1. LOL Arms out to push out rivals!!!! Too funny.