Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking at J block

It was a pretty dismal day yesterday so I didn't do anything worth taking pictures of - so no post. Today was a bit better, still loving the rain but it will be over for the next few days. Probably a good thing.

I went to Hamilton this morning to pick some feijoas of the street trees on the street that they are growing on. Damn, some bright sparks in the local houses obviously decided that it would be a good idea to topiary most of them which, of course, meant no fruit. I admit that trimmed trees sometimes look good but why do it to good fruiting trees. Shame. I managed to just pick one bag of ripe fruit from an untrimmed tree to add to the veg boxes at the end of the month.

I love feijoas, they taste like a cross between passionfruit and Kiwifruit to me. I could eat them all day.
As well as fresh fruit they are also good made into jam, well what isn't?

Oh well, at least I found a macadamia nut tree growing in a backyard and the owner said I can have all I want. The tree had only just started dropping the nuts so there wasn't a lot there but I will eat some and grow some. I got around 2kg of them.

J block (Used to be called the Melon Block) is coming along now. The grass is growing and I will have to deal with that soon but the veg are growing well after the recent rain. It still looks a bit messy with the rows of grass roots but they will be dug back in when the first crops come off.

Pictures below of J block

Another month and I should have some great stuff to harvest. One of the beds above was accidently oversown. I planted lettuce seed and didn't tag it so forgot. Then I planted over it with broad beans. Both the plants are doing very well together but there were so many lettuces that I had to thin them and replant the thinnings in their own bed.

Tomorrow I think I will get stuck into dividing some crowded rhubarb to give it a good start for the spring.

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  1. Rowan, your sugar beets did great here. So happy that you are doing rhubarb too. I have some seeds to send you as well of my own rhubarb. Great looking red rover!