Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Hamilton market

Well I'm back from the Hamilton market. I really like selling face to face in that atmosphere but I just don't have enough produce for the veggie boxes as well as the market so I had to let it go. maybe when my stuff is growing well I will consider going back to it.
I sold out of everything I took in only an hour which is not as amazing as is sounds as I didn't have a lot to take. I am saving some of my veggies in the ground for later as I remember how they didn't grow during the winter last year and I almost ran out of stuff for my box customers.

I printed out a heap of brochures for my CSA program starting in the spring to see if I could get some Hamilton customers and they went like hotcakes, every one was interested. I should get a few calls, I hope, during the next couple of weeks. Hardly anyone around here has heard of CSA as it is still a new concept in Australia even though it is popular in the US.

Tomorrow I am popping in to the Nareen veggie swap so I can swap some radishes and a few other random things for some eggs. I love going to the swaps just to chat with people I rarely see otherwise. All the swaps around here are held in tiny, out of the way places and they are popular simply because nowdays farmers rarely see even their own neighbours and this gives them an excuse to go and socialise.

No pics today as I forgot to take my camera, sorry.

I popped into the place where I picked up the macadamias and cactus fruits that I blogged about last week and the lady generously gave me a few macadamia seedlings from under her tree and a large rooted piece of her cactus. I have just the right place for the cactus piece and the cuttings I took last week. The side of our house is rarely used and is shaded and sheltered, perfect. I am going to get as many of them growing as possible.

Well, that is all for my ramblings today :)

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