Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kohlrabi and Mexican Tarragon

My sister rang up today and told me she didn't know I had a blog and she thought it was very good, but it needed some funny stuff. Well... I don't do funny very well so I have been wracking my brain to find some ideas to make funny photos from. I can't think of any at this time so please help me out with some ideas. The best I can come up with in a couple of minites is below - what do you get if you cross a parsnip with a carrot? - A parrot. See how unfunny I am.

While I was out I took some pictures of my Mexican Tarragon (sometimes called Winter Taragon) while it is flowering. I like the plant and it is much like French Tarragon but much more hardy for my conditions. It copes well with heat and dry but it does die down a bit in winter.
It has the same aniseed taste as French Tarragon and is used the same but I never know what sort of recipes really go with a liquorice-flavoured herb so I just use it for prettiness rather than for cooking. Really, I don't know why many sites tell you that chefs go crazy over French Tarragon. Mexican Tarragon is actually a type of marigold (Tagetes lucida) and not related to other tarragons. 

It adds a bit of colour now when nothing else is flowering

This is my bed of kohlrabi that is growing for seed. It is the variety 'Superschmelze giant' which is a variety that doesn't go woody even when it is large.

I love kohlrabi, you can use it in many recipes, ferment it, or grate and use it for kohlslaw. I like it raw, sliced very thin and sprinkled with a touch of salt and some people sprinkle it with cayenne.

I have already started selecting the best plants for seed. I have pulled up any that didn't produce a good swollen stem within a certain amount of time so I am left with those with good shapes.

During the winter I will take a little piece out of each to select for tenderness. The chosen 24 plants left will heal ok and will flower when it warms up in spring.

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