Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hamburg parsley

I pulled up a couple of Hamburg parsley plants to show a friend and one of them was a bit poorly formed so I brought it inside so I can cook and taste it. This is the first time I have grown it. It is a type of parsley that is grown for it's white roots but the tops can be used as parsley too.

Anyway, My mother who is used to me bring in unusual things and doesn't even ask what they are anymore just grabbed it, cut it up with the carrots and other vegetables and put it on to steam. No problem, saved me from having to cook it separately. It was pretty yummy. Tastes fairly bland without salt and a bit like swede perhaps. It is something that most people will like and would taste good in most dishes. Certainly not parsleyish like I expected. It was tender and will make a nice addition to my market stall. I only have one bed in so I will leave it for seed so I can plant a whole heap more next year.

WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS a bit of cooler weather and a sprinkle of rain has really got the weeds growing. Every time I weed a patch and turn around there are more.

In other news... Ethan has moved on to look for another host. It is sad to see him go but, honestly, he is not a outdoors person and was struggling. I wish him well in his travels in Australia. In a month I will have to look for another helper to help weed with me.

For those who are not aware of Wwoofing or similar schemes, it is where travellers (often from other countries) come an work for food and board. It is a great way to meet people and see the country fairly cheaply. They usually stay for up to two months but if they are going to apply for their 2nd visa they have to work in a rural industry for three months so this helps them to see more of Aus.
In Australia where it is illegal to offer internships except for two industries (for good reason due to abuse), these schemes can be used to get help if you can't afford to pay anyone. There are quite a few rules but it is an easy way to get help for little output and you get to meet the most wonderful people from around the world.

The three websites that I get helpers from are:

Wwoofer Australia  ( )

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