Monday, May 27, 2013

Growing banana yucca

One of the plants that I am looking forward to fruiting and tasting is my banana yucca (Yucca bacatta) which is a native North American plant which produces edible fruits.

I have11 plants, some in pots and some in the ground at D block and the Back block. They grew fast from seed but then slowed down and haven't changed for the past year from the size in this pot. It might be because they are getting too much water and care so when the weather warms up in spring I will plant them out where they won't get much care as they are a desert plant. I am hoping that this year they will put on a spurt of growth.
I can't find any information on the web to tell me how old they are before they flower but I would guess at about four years but I also think that these will have to grow a lot bigger first. The flowers have to be hand pollinated as we don't have the moth here that pollinates them - but since I don't think anyone in Australia grows them for food we just might have a native moth that will do the same job. I'll wait and see.

The fruit is supposed to be delicious raw or roasted, tasting like sweet potato so I am really hoping that they grow well this year. You can also make a good, strong cord from the fibres in the leaves.

Today I did a bit of maintenance work, cutting down the old raspberry canes, pruning the gooseberries and such, then I popped over to the Casterton garden club meeting which was the AGM and there was a guest speaker so it took all afternoon and stopped me from getting anything else done. I seem to be doing too much socialising and not enough working nowdays. I suppose I could just call it networking but that still doesn't give me more hours in the day *sigh*

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  1. I just picked a banana yucca fruit this weekend, that I found. I am looking forward to tasting it (after I save the seeds, of course). I'm happy to read that it is a fast grower.