Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I was so busy today that I forgot to go out and take some pictures for this post. I'll make sure I get some tomorrow. So I will show you a picture of my mothers fuchsias instead.

My parents have a HUGE shadehouse where my mother grows her fuchsias and ferns and my father potters about with his Platycerium ferns (staghorns, elkhorns and such). He has most of the species now hanging on all of the posts. My mother had about 100 different varieties of beautiful, hanging fuchsias. The shadehouse is marvelous and I should take a few more pictures of it to show you, this picture is just of a little part of a corner.

We spent part of today extending the shadehouse so they can fit even more plants in them - we all have to have a hobby I suppose :)  The shadehouse is almost as big as a 'normal' suburban block but I don't think it will take long for my parents to fill the new section.

For the rest of the day I watered all the blocks as it was a beautiful, sunny and warm day and the seedlings were drying out fast. Tomorrow will be just as nice. I think it will be the last of the nice days so I am certainly enjoying them. It is supposed to rain a bit on sunday - I hope a lot.

Yesterday I went over to the Mount to help my sister with her veggie patch. She has had lots of problems keeping her chooks out so we fixed the chook yard and put wire around her raised beds. That should put an end to their ruinatious plans.
I was very good and didn't even buy anything for myself, even though we went to a nursery and a hardware store to get some wire and stuff - the self control almost killed me.

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  1. LOL you were good weren't you. Thanks again for all your help.